Affiliated Organizations

CCA works with several organizations for the betterment of the beef industry and agriculture across the state of Colorado. Click below for more information and links to these organizations.



Colorado CattleWomen

Colorado CattleWomen, Inc. (CCW) is an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the beef industry. The purpose of CCW is three fold; to promote beef as a product; to educate the public about the industry and its contributions, currently and historically; and to educate about and protect the agricultural lifestyle.

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Local, Breed and Collegiate Affiliates

CCA's Local, Breed and Collegiate Affiliates are organizations associated to CCA that hold similar views and values within the beef industry. These groups are a great way for members of CCA to involve themselves more closely to the industry through their local communities.

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Follow these links to learn more about the Bent-Prowers Cattle and Horse Growers Assn., Elbert-Douglas County Livestock AssociationFront Range Livestock Assn., and La Plata-Archuleta Cattlemen's Association.


Junior Colorado Cattlemen's Association (JCCA)

JCCA is a group of younger members of CCA who are given the opportunity to be introduced to CCA and the industry through socialization and connections. JCCA also presents two scholarships each year, the Grace & Oley Kohlman Scholarship and the Fiebig-Lee Scholarship. Applications are due to the CCA office by May 31st each year.

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Public Lands Council (PLC)

Since 1968, the Public Lands Council (PLC) has actively represented the cattle and sheep producers who hold public lands grazing permits. The PLC advocates for these western ranchers who preserve our nation's natural resources while providing vital food and fiber to the nation and the world.

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The Colorado Cattlemen's Foundation

The Colorado Cattlemen's Foundation was created in 1981 to fund research and education activities to benefit the Colorado beef industry. Begun with a generous contribution from the estate of long-time CCA member, Leonard Horn, the Colorado Cattlemen's Foundation has funded important industry research and supported worthwhile programs to develop future industry leaders.

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Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT)

The Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) was formed in 1995 by CCA to help Colorado's ranchers and farmers protect their agricultural lands and encourage the intergenerational transfer of ranches and farms. CCA was the first state livestock association in the nation to form a land trust. It has also helped to preserve the natural resources that make Colorado such a special place to live and visit.

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Floyd Cross Foundation

The Floyd Cross Foundation was established in 1953 by Dr. Floyd Cross and CCA. The foundation was created to further scientific research for the purpose of discovering cures for cattle diseases, as well as aid in the scientific education of CSU students.

The foundation's philosophy has been to fund projects to obtain preliminary information where researchers can use that data to strengthen application for grants from federal and state agencies. Such grants have been instrumental in stimulating other agencies to contribute.


National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA)

Initiated in 1898, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) is the marketing organization and trade association for America's one million cattle farmers and ranchers. With offices in Denver and Washington, D.C., NCBA is a consumer-focused, producer-directed organization representing the largest segment of the nation's food and fiber industry.

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Operation Livestock Thief

Operation Livestock Thief was created to ensure consistency and efficiency in cases of bovine or equine theft or destruction. All allegations will be inspected by the State Brand Commissioner and respective law enforcement agencies. If the reported information leads to an arrest, informants can receive a monetary reward of up to $2,500 per incident.

To report an incident involving bovine or equine theft or destruction, citizens may anonymously call a toll-free number: 1-800-332-4155. *Informants unconcerned about anonymity may call their local brand inspector or the state brand commissioner's office directly and still qualify for a reward.*


Partners for Western Conservation

The mission of Partners for Western Conservation is to implement market-based conservation and ecosystems services to benefit wildlife, the environment, landowners, and the regulated community. The use of sound science, assistance, resources, and educational efforts will create a community of partners committed to the conservation and stewardship of land, water, air, and wildlife.

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Colorado Beef Council

The Colorado Beef Board was formed in 1965 in accordance to the Promotion and Marketing Beef Act which was approved April 23, 1965 and put into effect July 1, 1965. A name change to the Colorado Beef Council (CBC) came in July of 1985 with the passing of the Beef Board Bill. The Council is controlled by a Board of Directors appointed by the Governor of Colorado, consisting of eight industry representatives from the cattle producer, cattle feeder, dairy, livestock operators and processing industries of Colorado.

The CBC programs are financed by the $1 per head assessment on sales of Colorado domestic cattle. Revenue is collected as sales of cattle are brand inspected or remitted to the CBC by other states. The CBC is required to contribute to the CBB fifty percent of gross fees resulting of sales of cattle.

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