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Membership spoke and the association responded with a service-centric membership model that has tangible value and offers choice. As you consider the membership types, remember we are here to assist you. Drop us a call anytime at 303-431-6422.

CCA is changing the way members invest and receive benefits from their membership. Rather than pay on the number of cattle you own; in the new structure, members choose the benefits that they want and need, then invest accordingly. These services are priced well below what an individual can purchase on their own, not to mention CCA’s second- to-none industry advocacy offerings that all members receive.

Advancing the Legacy, since 1867, Colorado Cattlemen’s Association is committed to a bright and prosperous future for beef production. Threats and opportunities are all around us, that’s why the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association works tirelessly to protect and promote our way of life.

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CCA Memberships

Producer Memberships Business Memberships
Producer Memberships
Service Center Memberships (Voting)

Legacy Legal Center Membership
The Legacy Legal Center is powered by CO-AG Legal and Rocky Mountain Financial Group (RMFG) ensuring that your greatest assets, people and land, advance to the next generation.

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Natural Resource Center Membership
The Natural Resource Center is powered by CCA and the Ag Water NetWORK, provides the tools and professional assistance through innovation and diversification opportunities in managing your natural resource assets.

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Risk Management and Lands Center Membership
The Risk Management and Lands Center is powered by AgRisk Advisors (ARA) and CCA's team of experts ensuring risks are either mitigated or avoided.

Click here to learn more about the Risk Management and Lands Center.

Beef Business Planning Center Membership
The Beef Business Planning Center can be tailored to your individual business needs. This Center will aid in annual planning assistance including analysis, development, and review of strategic goals and objectives for your business. When considering this membership Center, please consult with the CCA office about preparing your customized approach. Additional costs may be incurred for expert time, incurred expenses, and deliverables outside the scope of the Center.

Call the CCA office for more information, 303-431-6422.

Introductory Membership
This membership is available for newer members or those not wanting additional services from the other Centers. This membership is included with ALL member Centers and does NOT qualify for group accident/accidental death insurance plans.

Young Producer Memberships

Collegiate Membership (Voting)
This membership is available for any young producers currently enrolled in a college or university.

Junior Membership (Non-Voting)
This membership is available for any young producers 8-18 and who wish to participate in the Junior Colorado Cattlemen's Association.

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Business Memberships (Non-Voting)
Friend of the Cattlemen Membership
This level is available for those who do not own cattle or acreage, yet wish to show support for Colorado's beef industry.

Allied Business Membership
This membership level is intended for business members with a specific interest in beef production. This level receives: a listing in the quarterly Cattle Guard, a listing on the CCA website, a listing in CCA's weekly email to members.

Click here to view a full list of CCA's current Allied Business members.

Elite Business Membership
This membership level is intended for those business members with a stake in the beef industry. This level of membership includes a listing, description, logo and hyper-link on CCA's website and weekly email. In addition, the business will receive a business card listing in the quarterly Cattle Guard.

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Membership Recruitment

CCA currently holds two membership recruitment contests, one for individual members, with prizes from several, generous sponsors such as Greeley Hat Works, Priefert Mfg., and Dubas Cattle Co.; which are awarded at the end of three, four-month periods - April, August and December. One point is earned for every new or not-yet-renewed member recruited during the first two periods (April and August), and the recruiter with the most points during each of those periods will win a prize. The December prize of an S01 Rancher’s Chute from Priefert Mfg. will be awarded to the individual with the most total accumulated points during the year. The second contest is for our Affiliate members, and the Affiliate with the highest rate of growth (based on the size of the Affiliate) can win a barbeque held for their community using the proceeds of an auction of a certificate toward a Silencer chute, generously donated by Gene Dubas of Dubas Cattle.

2018 Individual Recruitment Winner

Matt Neuhold of Bent-Prowers Cattle and Horse Growers Association!
2018 Affiliate Rate-of-Growth Winner
Eagle County Cattlemen's Association! 


Kayla Dale

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