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**We are in a very small window of opportunity for due diligence and to acquire the funds for the Livestock Exchange Building purchase. Estimated closing on the Livestock Exchange Building is mid-February 2020. This time frame is a component of the purchase contract.**
Join CCA's "Heading Home" Campaign

The Colorado Cattlemen's Association, as part of the Livestock Exchange Building Alliance partner group, is purchasing and redeveloping the historic Livestock Exchange Building complex on the National Western Stock Show grounds, and we need your help! CCA was originally a resident of this historic structure throughout a majority of its and the association's history. It's time to reunite. Click here to view a map of the new National Western Stock Show grounds, click here to watch a video showing the future National Western Complex.

Office & Meeting Space Bridging the Gap Heritage & Education

CCA's office will host ag-related meetings for industry partners, CCA affiliated organizations, and members. Additionally, the building will offer a variety of opportunities for civic leaders, consumers, and those in search of greater understanding of the beef industry.


The partnership surrounding this building and the National Western Center will position Colorado's beef industry and CCA with a visible, metropolitan doorway necessary for the enhancement and understanding of the beef industry.

The building will serve as a heritage/educational venue to visitors. CCA members have indicated a strong desire to recognize our industry and association's rich heritage, while reconnecting citizens to the many attributes that beef-producing families and businesses contribute to Colorado.

Contribution Opportunities

As a contributor to CCA's "Heading Home" campaign, there are a multitude of opportunities for you to become a part of CCA's legacy at the National Western Stock Show grounds. *All contributions to the CCA "Heading Home" campaign are 100% tax deductible through the Colorado Cattlemen's Foundation.*

$5000 $3000 $1500 Other Contributions
Ornate Custom Buckle or Existing Family or Business Buckle placed on the mural wall near your business location. A biographical sketch of your family/business will be included. Basic Custom Buckle placed on the mural wall near your business location.

Custom Listing Plaque along the border of the mural wall.

Any and all contributions to the "Heading Home" campaign are appreciated. All contributors will be recognized in the Livestock Exchange Building. The following list outlines other recognition opportunities that will be curated with the fit and finish of the building: Offices, Meeting Rooms, Board Rooms, Initiatives, Naming of the CCA Office.

 Please contact the CCA office for additional details on contribution opportunities, 303-431-6422.