Recruitment Tools


 Use the following guide and talking points when recruiting new CCA members.



Talk to someone you know. Stay within your comfort zone by talking to a neighbor, relative or someone you do business with first. When you become more comfortable, then ask someone you don’t know as well.


Be yourself. You probably know more about CCA than the person you are talking to.


Talk in terms of the other person’s interests. You will be pleasantly surprised what a “great conversationalist” people will think you are when you talk in terms of their interests and let them do the majority of the talking.

Step 4

Present the facts. Smoke screens won’t convince anyone to try something new. Have a couple of concrete examples of how CCA’s work has helped your business. Be clear, concise and brief when giving examples. Short, direct facts that are relevant to your listener’s business will stick with your audience.


Ask for their membership. No one is going to join by accident. Sign them up immediately rather than waiting for them to do it later. When your goal is to recruit a new member, the key to closing the deal is asking them to join.


What do CCA members receive?

All members receive the quarterly Cattle Guard, CCA’s official magazine. Various other membership benefits are outlined on the “member benefits” sheet.

What does my CCA membership do for me and the industry?

Membership dues give our industry one loud, strong voice so beef producers are heard clearly. CCA is the watchdog at the state Capitol on issues affecting Colorado’s beef industry. CCA benefits its members by addressing beef industry research and education initiatives; public and consumer relations; legislative and regulatory concerns and issues management. CCA has an active political action committee that strives to get agriculture-friendly government officials elected. 



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