Partner Organizations

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) is the national trade association representing U.S. cattle producers, with more than 28,000 individual members and sixty-four state affiliate, breed and industry organization members. Together NCBA represents more than 230,000 cattle breeders, producers and feeders. NCBA works to advance the economic, political and social interests of the U.S. cattle business and to be an advocate for the cattle industry's policy positions and economic interests.


Since 1968, the Public Lands Council (PLC) has represented livestock ranchers who hold public lands grazing permits, preserving the natural resources and unique heritage of the West. These ranchers own nearly 120 million acres of the most productive private land and manage vast areas of public land, accounting for critical wildlife habitat and the nation’s natural resources. PLC works to maintain a stable business environment in which livestock producers can conserve the West and feed the nation and world.


The Colorado CattleWomen, Inc. is a group of individuals from across the state of Colorado coming together with the common goals of education, promotion, and protection of the cattle and cattle producers within our beautiful state.



The Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust protects Colorado's agricultural land, heritage and families for future generations by conserving working rural landscapes. More than 30 land trusts operate in Colorado but until CCALT’s founding, none exclusively served the needs of the agricultural community. The land trust partners with willing landowners to protect productive agricultural acres all across the state.


The mission of Partners for Western Conservation (PWC) is to implement market-based conservation and ecosystems services to benefit wildlife, the environment, landowners, and the regulated community. The use of sound science, assistance, resources, and educational efforts will create a community of partners committed to the conservation and stewardship of land, water, air, and wildlife.


The mission of the Colorado Beef Council is to increase the demand for beef through marketing, research, education and information. The Council is controlled by a Board of Directors appointed by the Governor of Colorado, consisting of eight industry representatives from the cattle producer, cattle feeder, dairy, livestock operators and processing industries of Colorado.


The Cattlemen's Beef Promotion And Research Board, usually referred to as the Cattlemen's Beef Board or CBB, consists of 103 members, including domestic beef, dairy and veal producers, as well as importers of beef and beef products. The Beef Board is responsible for approving the annual budget for its national checkoff-funded programs. The Beef Promotion Operating Committee consists of 20 members, and is responsible for approving projects and funding to carry out programs.

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