Leopold Conservation Award

Colorado Leopold Conservation Award  Seeks Nominees

Applications for the Leopold Award are now open until Friday, November 30th. For complete application information, visit www.leopoldconservationaward.org.

In partnership with the Sand County Foundation, Colorado Cattlemen's Association, Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust,  Tri-State Generation and Transmission and American AgCredit; Colorado Cattlemen's Association presents the Leopold Conservation Award. The Leopold Conservation Award winner receives an Aldo Leopold crystal and a check for $10,000. The award is presented annually in eight states to private landowners who practice responsible land stewardship and management. 

The Leopold Conservation Award inspires other landowners and provides a visible forum where farmers, ranchers and other private landowners are recognized as conservation leaders. In his influential 1949 book, A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold called for an ethical relationship between people and the land they own and manage, which he called “an evolutionary possibility and an ecological necessity.”

Award applicants are judged based on their demonstration of improved resource conditions, innovation, long-term commitment to stewardship, sustained economic viability, community and civic leadership, and multiple use benefits.

Application Process

If you, or someone you know, is a Colorado landowner who is committed to land management practices that increase conservation, we invite your application for the Leopold Conservation Award.

Please provide the following information:
Nominee: Name, address, phone, email, website, type of agricultural operation

Nominator (if different): Name, address, phone, email

Each response must be clearly numbered and limited to 1,000 words. Nominations must be
typed on 8 ½ X 11 inch paper. Please paper clip/binder clip (do not staple) your document, for copying purposes. If you wish, include supporting materials (news clippings, photos, maps, etc.) Do not send DVDs or videos. Please indicate if you would like the materials returned.

Where applicable, indicate the local, state and federal agencies and partner organizations
involved with the nominee’s conservation practices.

Applications must address the following items:

  1. Conservation Ethic – Describe how the nominee has voluntarily exceeded the minimum obligations of regulation and general agricultural practices to enhance and conserve natural resources.
  2. Ecological Community – Describe how the nominee’s agricultural operation works with natural systems (soil, water, plants & wildlife, etc.). Describe how this benefits others.
  3. Innovation & Adaptability – Describe how the nominee has overcome business or
    conservation obstacles by utilizing or experimenting with new techniques to adapt to changing demands and threats (consumers, markets, weather, regulations, etc.).
  4. Resilience – Describe the business and conservation methods used by the nominee to maintain healthy land and ensure the operation remains productive into the future.
  5. Leadership and Communication – Describe significant efforts the nominee has made to share his/her conservation ethics and techniques with others inside and outside of agriculture. Describe community service, positions held, leadership roles and media outreach.
  6. Additional information - Describe any other relevant accomplishments and/or challenges.
  7. Attach three letters of recommendation. At least one should be from a natural resources conservation organization or agency.

Please sign and submit the following statements with the application.

  1. I agree to be a nominee for the Leopold Conservation Award.
  2. I manage and/or own the property described in this application.
  3. The agricultural operation described in this application is in compliance with all applicable regulations, and provides a positive example of environmental stewardship.
  4. I understand I may be asked to be available for communications/media opportunities to promote the message of voluntary private lands conservation.
  5. I understand a video may be produced featuring my agricultural operation, which will require my participation.


All materials must be mailed to:
Leopold Conservation Award
c/o Colorado Cattlemen’s Association
8833 Ralston Road
Arvada, CO 80002-2239


Past Leopold Conservation Award Winners from Colorado:

2018 Beatty Canyon Ranch - Steve and Joy Wooten/Brady and Arin Burnham 

2017 Rancho Largo - co-owned and opperated by Grady Grissom

2016 Stacked Lazy 3 Ranch- Keven and Sandi Turecek

2015 Flying Diamond Ranch - Scott and Jean Johnson 

2014  Walker Ranch - Gary and Georgia Walker 

2013 Visintainer Sheep Co. - Dean and Gary Visintainer

2012 Wineinger-Davis Ranch – Russell and Tricia Davis

2011 Pipe Springs Ranch – McEndree Family

2010 Stanko Ranch – Jim and Jo Stanko

2009 Mesa de Maya Ranch – John and Carolyn Doherty

2008 Coleman Ranches – Jim and Frances Coleman, Tim and Teddi Coleman

2007 San Isabel Ranch – Bet Kettle, Mike and Sara Shields

2006 Bohart Ranch – Dick and Sandra Tanner

2005 McNeil Ranch – Mike and Cathy McNeil

2004 Rusk Hereford Ranch – Randy and Claricy Rusk

2003 Capps Ranch - Frankie and Sue Menegatti

The Colorado award is sponsored by Tri-State Generation and Transmission Assoc., American AgCredit, DuPont Pioneer, The Mosaic Company and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

For more information, please visit www.leopoldconservationaward.org or contact the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, (303) 431-6422, info@coloradocattle.org.

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