Issue Briefs

Colorado Habitat Exchange Talking Points: The creation of the Colorado Habitat Exchange (CHE) played a role in the Fish and Wildlife Service's decision to not list this iconic bird. The greater sage-grouse required swift, flexible and robust conservation to avert listing under the Endangered Species Act and the CHE was the the best conservation tool we had to avert the listing. The Habitat Exchange uses financial incentives to attract fast and effective on-the-ground results, making agriculture and industry a part of the sage-grouse solution.

Updates on Farm Bill and Greater Sage-Grouse Environmental Impact Statement: As members of Congress are in their districts holding meetings this legislative recess, it is up to the people they represent to remind them about the issues that hit home. Before they return to the Capitol on September 9th, our senators and representatives need to hear about how legislation affects ranches and farms in their home state of Colorado. Of particular importance is the passing of a full five-year Farm Bill, which is an issue that has been ongoing since last year’s fall legislative recess.

Senate Bill 169 - The Reintroduction of Ferrets: CCA supports this legislation as it is time for agriculture landowners to lead when it comes to conservation and recovery of species and habitats. CCA member policy and subsequent actions around the Endangered Species Act focus on creating flexibly-implemented conservation measures that provide landowners with meaningful assurances and incentives when addressing species of concern.

Proposed Listing of Gunnison Sage Grouse: CCA offers concurrent comment on the Endangered Status and Critical Habitat Designation for GUSG. Based on the reasoning set forth in these comments, and the extensive biological opinion of the State of Colorado’s Parks and Wildlife Division; the Fish and Wildlife Service has fallen short of the needed preponderance of information to substantiate a listing of the GUSG under the ESA, much less that of an endangered status. Additionally, the overreaching designation of critical habitat further exacerbates the listing by economically impending resource-based industries and those reliant on them from ongoing and sustainable operation. To this end, CCA believes that the merit of the scientific evidence supports that the GUSG receive a “Not Warranted for Listing” status.

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