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The Colorado Resource Monitoring Initiative was developed by a group of stakeholders in order to develop a standardized approach to rangeland monitoring across private, state, and federal lands. This initiative brought stakeholders to the table to delineate common protocols and methods that currently exist between agencies and the range science community. Because the Colorado Resource Monitoring Initiative was developed through a stakeholder process, this program has broad ownership and acceptance by private landowners, state and federal agencies, and rangeland conservationists throughout the state.

In order to ensure the health of Colorado’s natural resources for wildlife and domestic livestock, monitoring needs to be implemented across Colorado’s landscape. The Colorado Resource Monitoring Initiative is a tool that will provide measurable and standardized monitoring information that is needed to address natural resource and rangeland health decisions.

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Whether you are just getting started or have an established rangeland monitoring program, CRMI is a tool that can provide you with the assurance that your monitoring efforts have broad acceptance and support. CRMI can also aid preservation of data, as well as potential opportunities and benefits from state and federal agencies. Visit this page to learn more about implementing the CRMI cooperative monitoring process on your private, state, or federal lands.


Colorado’s land management agencies are a vital component of CRMI. Agency rangeland conservationists play an integral role in implementing and upholding the integrity of the CRMI cooperative monitoring process. The overall objective is to increase on-the-ground monitoring for the benefit of our state’s natural resources, and producer participation in CRMI can be fundamental in achieving this goal. Visit this page to access materials that will aid the CRMI process when working with producers to implement an agreed-upon rangeland monitoring program.

CRMI is specifically designed with the professional in mind by providing a system that, for the first time, has state-wide acceptance by all agencies, while simultaneously providing self-marketing and client opportunities. Visit this page to learn more about CRMI and how to become a preferred consultant. 

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