Colorado Public Lands Council

Since 1968, the Public Lands Council (PLC) has represented livestock ranchers who hold public lands grazing permits, preserving the natural resources and unique heritage of the West. These ranchers steward nearly half of Colorado’s lands through a private/public partnership of livestock grazing.  Colorado and the National PLC work to maintain a stable business environment in which livestock producers conserve western resources for wildlife, recreation, and food production.  Colorado PLC is affiliated with the National Public Lands Council.

Service Offered to Colorado PLC Members

PLC will provide initial review and feedback to permittees on the content of any public scoping document (such as EA, EIS, etc.) relating to a permittee’s allotment.  The goal of this point-by-point review and feedback is to empower the permittee to make their own comments or seek additional assistance with the federal land agency’s public scoping document.  The service will be on a request-only basis.  The service will be offered to permittees who pay their PLC assessment previous to the request for assistance with the public scoping document.  To request this service, contact CCA at 303-431-6422 or

Do You Monitor Your Permits?

Do you monitor?  Do you know your grazing permit’s condition?  Are you prepared to defend your management?  The Colorado Resource Monitoring Initiative can help. The Colorado Resource Monitoring Initiative was developed by a group of stakeholders in order to develop a standardized approach to rangeland monitoring across private, state, and federal lands.  For more information, contact Erin Karney with CCA at 303-431-6422 or


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