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The Junior Colorado Cattlemen’s Association (JCCA) was organized in 1950 to provide an opportunity for younger members of the Colorado beef industry to socialize with their peers, learn more about the industry, and become involved in leadership roles.  Membership in the JCCA is available to youth ages 8-25.

The JCCA is completely self-sufficient.  All operating funds are raised by the JCCA members themselves through raffles and other organized fund-raising activities.

To join JCCA:
Online Application
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The scholarship program includes a scholarship named in honor of former CCA President Oley Kohlman and his wife Grace. Oley and Grace Kohlman were instrumental in the development of JCCA and the scholarship program. Scholarships are awarded to current JCCA members attending college in Colorado with a major that will somehow impact the agriculture industry. This scholarship has made a difference for many agricultural youth who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to receive a college education.

Applications are due in the CCA office by May 31 of each year

JCCA Scholarship Application 


Current List of Officers and Advisers:

President – Catherine Washburn
Vice President – Luke Inglee
Secretary/Treasurer – Grace Inglee
Reporter – William Hornug
Historian – Porter Washburn
18 and Over Board Members – Jessica Lehmann, Wyatt Lehmann
18 and Under Board Members – Daniel Inglee, Alisa Miller, Peter Hornug
Parliamentarian – Brady Rink
Advisers - Carol & Milton Rink

For more information on JCCA please contact Heidi Brown at the CCA office: or (303) 431-6422.

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