CCA Impact Report

 For the past 150 years, the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) has represented the interests of beef producers in this state on a wide range of topics. The tools and technology of our industry has changed drastically, but many of the overarching concerns of producers have stayed much the same. Issues such as private property rights, water law, and public lands grazing were faced by the founders of this proud association and are the common concerns of today’s members. 

The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association is a trade association for the beef industry and the only one in Colorado that addresses solely on beef. This association has stayed vital for a century and a half because of the commitment of its members. The strength and longevity of the cattle industry and its trade association is due to the enduring dedication of members and the unfailing contributions of time and resources of the beef producers who take on volunteer leadership positions giving of themselves for the betterment of this association and the beef industry overall. Members of the CCA board of directors and the leadership and member of steering committees deserve sincere thanks for their contributions to the achievements of this great organization. Thanks must also be expressed for the many organizations and entities that further the purpose of CCA through sponsorship of the many meetings and programs that bring serve our members across the state.


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